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A brave funny girl who will spend time with anyone and make them happy, Asani is that person who you will talk to every single day and she will make up your day. you two will laugh together and be happy. you will have sad moments and exciting moments. she is your big sister.
Asani, You're my bestfriend.
by AlexaStaplex April 01, 2017
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Asani is that bitch the one who doesn't give a shit about anything. Asani is the type of person you'd see in jail for life for just simply being herself, that one girl who can not put up with her mother's bullshit, the only human being on earth that thinks it's flat.
"I just seen Asani on TV"
by H o e s m a d July 11, 2019
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A very charming male, handsome, cute, sweet and well dressed.

Girls should be happy to even get acknowledged by this wonderful guy.
All of the girls in school want him but are afraid to say it.
He is also very funny.

A wonderful guy overall.
He reminds me of Asani look at his charming smile.
by 47warrior December 08, 2013
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