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Arzoo is a beautiful,hard-working girl who deserves the world. You'd be very lucky to meet her and should hold onto her. She is the perfect best friend and has a talent that other people very often compliment her for like singing. She does not wear makeup to school much and is very pretty anyway. She shows what a true friend is. Sometimes she can get annoyed when other people try to act in charge around her. However Arzoo will always be there for a friend who is worth it and support them. Sometimes she can doubt herself and feels depressed it always gets back up and is an inspiration to so many. She is quite insecure about herself sometimes but has the talent to outshine others. Arzoo is like treasure and you should treat her like that and never forget how she came into your life as a blessing.
"That girl is really good at singing and is so pretty"

"She is Arzoo"
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by Namesrhere June 20, 2018
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This girl is totally amazing, gorgeouse, charming, beautiful, stunning,buuuufffff,incredible, absolutely pretty and has sum sexc eyes and smile.
Words cannot express wot Arzoo means. Shes one of a kind.
by comeon August 03, 2005
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Arzoo is a leader. she is unique and one of a kind. She can be bossy but not intentionally. she doesn't care what people think and speaks what's on her mind. She finds it hard to trust people
Arzoo is a one in a billion
by 😂❤ October 13, 2018
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Common name for a girl who takes peoples most prized possessions away. In some case a best friend. She is loud and out going but usually has other people to the work for her when it comes down to humiliating herself.
by LizDrew July 17, 2011
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