A thot who cheats on her hot boyfriends and downgrades to a band member to use his money to finally pay the rent.
OH MY GOD! Look! It's that gold digger! "Hey Arzaylea! Over here!"
by 5$£c0nd$0f$umm£r October 27, 2015
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a girl who is causing so much drama in the 5sos fam & is (apparently) dating luke hemmings from 5 seconds of summer.
by fvckmgc October 29, 2015
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A girl who is a gold digger. She loves to post selfies of herself, where in every picture looks like she's sucking in her nose. Her dress she wore to an award show was 80 bucks at Macy's. The bitch can't even pay rent. She cheats on Luke hemmings, multiple times. She's just a ratchet ass bitch, I swear to god. She says she's "21" but she graduated in 2009. Go look at exposing pages. This girl lies about everything. Luke doesn't deserve a girl who can't even be truthful. This whore thinks she's the shit and so smart but nah, she's as stupid as all the other groupies. The thing is, she's just being paid by the management.
by cakeislifecakeislove November 29, 2015
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a bitch who uses famous people to make herself look good.
“she claims that she loves him but is cheating on him and using him, only to make herself look good.”

yup, that's arzaylea.”
by keara December 03, 2015
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A gold digger. She loves money and not paying her rent. She especially loves messing with guys and causing chaos in fandoms. She's also a frequent liar and gives out personal information. She's a creator of her own destruction.
Don't date her she's such an Arzaylea.
Oh you pulled an Arzaylea
gold digger bitch whore duck slut annoying fake liar
by Malibu Barbiee December 06, 2015
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A fucking bitch who came out of nowhere. Her hobbies are trying to be cute and spending Luke Hemming's money. Her eyebrows vary in size and her face changed every picture which leads me to thinking this is some Gretchen Tina Eleanor Calder shit from the 1D Fandom
by michaelcliffford July 12, 2016
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