Damn, He's such an Aryeh.
by Jeffrey schwartz March 9, 2017
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A powerful male Hebrew name, literally meaning "Lion".

A male with many great qualities, as traced back in history. He is intelligent, modest and athletic, and very open to those he knows. While usually quiet on the outside, he is an amazing person and very caring on the inside
fast as an aryeh
by A.N.W. August 17, 2010
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A stoner with a really big boner ,likes to eat cornbread off of a girls ass and snort adderal off their tities .he also may or may not be on molly .gang gang bich
bruh today I think I’m just going to go aryeh all over my girl and her fat tits.
by Sashimi bbc October 9, 2019
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common Hebrew slang term meaning "half day"
"Where's Mike at this afternoon?" "Oh, he's taking an aryeh"
by swmrrrs August 23, 2013
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Aryeh Levin - otherwise know as the god of cups.
"I was looking for a cup for hours yesterday till I came across Aryeh Levin. He really is the god of cups"
by Pastor Dr. May 18, 2018
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The best listener and best friend you may ever have, he is polite, funny, stunning image, ideal for a gourmet coffee in Chile, Israel or in Brazil.
Often a doctor and human as no other doctor is, he is extremely funny (already told you but needed to reinforce it!).
You can wear a Carlos Aryeh at mornings and be energetic, wear him at afternoons and be empowered or at nights fpr chilling and laughs.
Have you taken your Carlos Aryeh today?

Nop, why?
Cause you just need Carlos Aryeh's energy!
Serious ASAP go get yours!
by iMindNation Jewish Simchah November 23, 2021
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