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The best girl, as good as the first ray of sun, very beautiful, sweet, understanding and down to earth. She does what she wants to do, She is independent. She can piss people off. Friends are her life. Never get rid of arunim's
Arunima is the most kickass person.
by weasleygirl December 02, 2014
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The most beautiful girl the universe had or will ever witness. Her face as bright as first ray of sun and her eyes are divine. While she smiles the time stops, she arrives and your heart skips a beat. The most and most precious thing one could ever have. With her being on your side everything seems possible, actually to live your life becomes beautiful. She resides in your heart and mind and you can't literally think of something else . Also without her, everything becomes dull. A best friend, soulmate, well-wisher, she be the best at everything . Do not lose her at any cost.She is worth any damn thing. With Arunima being with you, you need nothing else......
Arunima is everything I could ever dream of.
Arunima is everything I want.
by whosoeveriam July 20, 2019
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The red glow of dawn, the red glow of sunrise.
The girl who is as pure as the first streak of sunlight. My love, my desire, she is my best friend and may god bless her.
Arunima is derived from aruna (reddish brown, the color of dawn)
by Pranay J April 27, 2008
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