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A hot af dude who is most likely Russian or slavic in general , aswell most likely a very good looking multilingual genius with good accent and beautiful voice that is friendly , he may slightly be an introvert and nost people with that name may be bookworms but can be dangerous in a way in case theure abgry seeing their cleverness , and people easily fall for the owner of this name but yet he is loyal for his partner , and for sure amazing at bed ;)
“I wonder what that guy's name.”
“That’s an Arseniy for sure!”

Most likely he will never show his feelings towards you so good luck with that :)
by TheCoolDog November 11, 2018
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A member of the Russian mafia who has unhealthy obsession with Russian porno and has about 1 terabyte of porn on his hard drive.

Also, has been known to be so horny that he has to whack off while driving a car.
Man, did you hear about that kid Arseniy?

He got busted for having child porn and watching it in the library!
by Chopmankins October 04, 2009
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Arseniy is a very athletic, intelligent, gentle, cute, etc., person. He is attracted to all that glitters and all that is beautiful, while he wishes to succeed, to be in charge and to be admired. Somewhat narcissistic, Arseniy is a bit of a ladies man who isn´t lacking in tact and gallantry. In love, he is an aesthete and is often first attracted by a woman´s beauty, although deep and meaningful exchanges are just as important to him. Therefore, his choices in love could be complex, often hesitating between the beauty of one and the magnanimity of the other or the reassuring presence of so-and-so... He is family orientated and desires a comfortable and attractive home with a wife who he imagines as being the perfect hostess and a fantastic cook, if that isn´t asking too much...
A small summary about Arseniy for lazy ass people:

Arseniy - an athlete or a genius who likes to fuck with smart and beautiful bitches. He also loves animals and to do music/art. Never shows his feelings towards you :). Good luck bitches you will really need it cause he’s a great man to spend time with and he will never tell you if he likes ya or hates ya.
by TheCoolDog November 11, 2018
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