A person who exceeds the descriptive potential of both the terms arse and clown through their ineptitude, lack of common understanding or ability to perform simple tasks.
John - "He's so stupid."
Bob - "No, he's an arse-clown!"
by Peter 01988 December 11, 2007
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A buffoon or jester acting as a boss for any medium to large size office. He circumvents, cheats, deludes, dissapoints and finally ensnares prospective clients using jokes, antics, and sheer braggadocio. Arse Clowns' obsessive tendency for bullshitting stem from being born with absolutely no talent and often suffer from slight brain damage, a condition which incongruously causes them to swagger about in a cocky manner.
"Why the hell is that guy such an arrogant prick? He has no skill or intelligence, in fact he's quite ugly as well!"

"He's an Arse Clown"

"Oh, of course!.."
by Tickety September 14, 2005
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