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The name for a super sexy girl who awes people through her sexiness. She is the type of person wanted by all men, and most women. Ususally known for her skill for eating bananas. When unliked, it is only by those pathetic people who are jealous of her. She will most likely be extremely successful in life.
John:Damn the Arriya is hot as fuck.
Kerry: I know right!!
Sam: She's an pathetic bitch.
Kerry: Sam, you're just jealous, stop being so dinky and get over it bro.
by gotchabro January 10, 2012
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Someone who is an attention-whore, quite pathetic, consistently butts into peoples business and thinks they know something, immature, not smart or hard working, and really going no where in life.
"Dang, that girl is such an arriya.. She's going to end up working at McDonalds and living with ten cats and having no one come to her funeral"
by whoopdeedoo.01 December 24, 2011
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