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A miniature chav who runs around thinking he/she is hard because they've got the word "army" in their cadets name, when all they do is roll around in mud, block the toilets and get thrown off greens camp for breaking plastic cups.

Also known as pongos, because they hardly ever shower and smell terrible.
"Why did that pongo get thrown off greens camp?"

"It was because he was cracking the cups and brought mud into the accomodation blocks. I hate army cadets."
by i'm tired February 09, 2013
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Miniature chavs who run round thinking they're all hard just because they have combat uniform and get to shoot rifles (legally this time) when all they do is roll around in the mud
Also known as pongos

In constant battle with sea cadets, air cadets and marine cadets
"Remember that pongo on greens camp?"
"Oh that army cadet! What a loser"
by Waste of space... July 09, 2009
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it's like a youth club but you get to shoot guns and shit, and all the girls are hottt (ok im biased cos I am one :P)
army cadets rules
by dethkitten March 03, 2009
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A person who thinks they are as hard as their mum’s penis just because they have the word “army” in their cadet force name.
The main traits of an army cadet is all round chavvyness, failure to clean up their buildings, poor personal hygiene and extremely strong B.O

Often known as “pongos
by Pheasant Lord February 08, 2018
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