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It is a female in the Army that has whorish tendencies and proves herself to be a whore based on:

1. Having sex with multiple men, usually her married or involved peers.
2. Has sex with her NCO, assuming it will help her earn rank faster.
3. Has sex with several guys in her platoon.
4. Prides herself on being "Army Strong" while showing her whorish behavior on any social media platform by posting mostly nearly nude or nude photos.
Example 1: I saw one of the new recruits on instagram, she's the typical Army Thot. Most of her photos were mostly nude and a few in uniform. A few guys already ran through her in our platoon.

Example 2: Michael said he would rather dated a civiliian than an Army Thot, he explained how common it was for the Army Thots to sleep around with many guys in the same platoon.

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by NunyaB20707 September 03, 2016
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