Slogan of the U.S. Army.
Brought in for The Hulk, as he was incapable of properly saying 'Army of One' when he became a cheif part of the Pentagon.
Army strong! Army mad! Army smash!
by Alastair Clark October 14, 2006
Something Jarheads do together in the barracks;
What happens on base stays on base;

An exaggerated form of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'

What the Red Army did to Nazi Germany;
He hit me so hard last night, says Michael; how hard did he hit you asks Asher?

Cameron retorts in Michael's stead, and says 'army strong, hard,' that's how hard.

My boyfriend was pounding me army strong like last night. It was amazing, I think we both peaked in orgasm together.
by FranciisFreud March 5, 2015
A slogan that the army uses in order to make non-army strong people seem inferior. Thanks to the army, we all know that "army" strong is different that "steel" strong or "body-builder" strong. No, actually we do not know.
Brenden: Have you seen Joe lately? He is army strong!
Ryan: Hmm...Why could you not be just strong?
Brenden: No way! Army strong is superior!
Ryan: Wait, there's a difference?
by Garden State May 17, 2007