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The crackhead name for BTS's Army fandom. Some antis use it as an insult. But actual Army use it jokingly. Very similar to how Twenty One Pilots Clique calls themselves the Clikkies.
The Armchairs really just trended Taehyung looking into a mirror, an icon take over, and 40 thousand tweets in under an hour. They've only been on break for 2 days.
by Howls11 August 19, 2019
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A name that is used by bts antists for there fans.
"you fucking armchairs"
by UwU nuzzelz u July 19, 2019
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n1. comfortable lounge furniture. n2. Gobshite who supports Liverpool FC (redshite), wears lots of scarves, badges and XXL replica shirts bought from local market but has never been near Anfield. Normally appears slightly retarded,overweight and in need of a wash. Shouts and applauds loudly and stupidly at TV when the redshite are on Sky. Has no friends.
"Cum on you redmen", "Stevie laaaarrrrrr" - "FUCK OFF YOU SMELLY ARMCHAIR TWAT!"
by Stevie larrr September 27, 2006
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