Sexy Albanian man with perfect brown eyes, simple hair, perfect eyebrows, amazing smile, big dick and muscles. Superior from a normal white man. God like genetics. Doesn’t really care what people think about him. Treats women like queens.
Arlind walks in, fucks your girl and gives you a dollar. All at the same time.
by BigBlackAlbanianMan August 29, 2019
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Usually someone who has too much fat, or money, but to the point of controlling others. Someone who's name literally means gold but refers to the specific gold obtained from ore causing a negative environmental impact. This level of toxicity should be avoided at all cost, if proven to be an Arlind one must take cautious behavior around them as they are just as toxic to social groups as they are to the environment they continue to control.
"bruh your boss is such an Arlind, you should definitely quit."
by MCrightaboutit October 11, 2019
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