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A person who enjoys life and loves to be the center of attention. She is fun and witty; full of zest and life. Usually called the "energizer bunny". She is funny, unique and different. A rare and magnificent person. She is down to earth and enjoys being home with family. She is usually very talented and very gifted.
Everyone needs to know an Arit
An Arit a day keeps the doctor away
The name of the woman of your dreams is Arit
by bunny25 February 3, 2010
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common scottish greeting. informal. means alright. usually answered with the word arite, hardly ever answered how you would have expected it to be.
(in school corridor)
sam - arite, becks?
becks - arite, sam?
by .x<3?x. May 6, 2011
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"Wanna get coffee?"
"Arite, Nick"
"Man- you so fly."
by a.gids November 26, 2007
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A dumb misspelling of the word aight, frequently used when hastily trying to type "aight" and seem too cool too quickly.
"I'm not hip, arite!" the rushed, uncool person typed.
by sdlkj November 26, 2007
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Arite Sanz, how r u
by benyboy464 June 10, 2017
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Saying created by the arititi gang which consists of Haley Logan, Evan Arnold, Stef Trowbridge, Mary Mandoyan, Charlotte Dean, Paris Bromber and Diamond White. Can be used in any situation at anytime and mean anything.
“Fuck, I just got sniped in Fortnite.”
“Well, Arititi
by atruearititi September 3, 2018
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