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Aribrax is a particular nickname you would call someone with an extremely good personality. He is one of a kind, with a very sick mind. He isn't a real person, this is merely a nickname/ a name someone would use online.

When you are an Aribrax, you are like no other, you are the one of your kind. Only certain people get to be like this, but once you are one, it's hard to be rid of the title. People will look up to you, and also hate you for being the best. The nickname is also referred to as a girls/guys (homo for guys) true love, someone they really want.
"Look at him, the perfect Aribrax of my dreams."

Teacher: Yes, Jimmy?
Jimmy: The answer is Parallel Triangular.
Teacher: There is a true Aribrax!
by zer0tolerance February 22, 2012
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