An argyle sweater is a knitted article of clothing with a diamond shape pattern. It is typically seen or worn by shallow douche bags that attempt to look wealthier and more important than they really are.
Robbie: Man, I'm thinking of buying an Argyle Sweater.
Timothy: What? Robbie, Ew.. do you want to look like Mr. Rogers puked all over you?

Robbie: not necessarily, you are right man, I'll just buy a bow tie instead.
by blah, blah, blah. July 20, 2012
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this is a type of sweater that is very common but when found you cant just help but saying THE ARGYLE SWEATER.
Jim:hey man i wanna go get(says in rather loud voice) THE ARGYLE SWEATER.

John: dude i think you really need some help.
by phillipe vanderbilt February 14, 2009
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