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A fight between two losers in the Gulag followed by "how the fu*k did he kill me"
-"time for a little argy-bargy"

-"how the fu*k did he kill me"
by Takosdeperro August 02, 2020
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A catch all word to describe anything that is basic, uncool or untrendy. According to The New York Times, "cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) can be used, broadly, to describe someone who is out of date or trying too hard."

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The New York Times
PT Cruisers


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White people

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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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a heated discussion, perhaps one that has become bad-tempered enough to amount to a spat or minor quarrel
He gave us a little '"argy bargy" about the government
by argy bargy January 19, 2005
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a vigorous discussion or dispute.
a lively discussion, argument, dispute.
Reduplication of Scots & English dialect argy, alteration of argue.
Dude, our conversation at lunch was carazay!

Yeah, it was a real Argy-Bargy!
by ThisKid742 June 08, 2012
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Something you say when you're frustrated.
Can be used instead of cursing.
"ArgyBargy! I stepped in some dog poop!"
by NotJoshDun November 02, 2018
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