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Ardsley High School is a great academic school run by the parents of the rich jewish students. The PTA has more power than the principle or vice principle and even the superintendant. It is a school of many cliques and if your not part of the right one...start crying. The younger kids (underclassman0 are small and insignificant and have no say in anything whatsoever. The seniors absolutely hate the juniors and the juniors absolutely despise the sophmores as they still consider them freshman. The schools number one sport is fencing and the number two sport is argumentally wrestling. The basketball team has been terrible after the league championship in 2002. The football team is a joke and usually consistes of small,unathletic white kids that think they run shit. Football players however run the school and get all the respect and priveledges. Ardsley has been the CHAMPIONS OF DRINKING for a long time now. DRinking has been an Ardsley past time from 2000-2008 and it is ending with the seniors of 09 and will be basically unheard of with the arrival of seniors 2010. Everyone drives drunk and will do just about anything to get into a house party. After the departure of seniors 08 and 09 Ardsley sucks and is declining in academics and social life. Ardsley sucks
A-Town, Ardsley High School
by A-Town, Ardsley December 21, 2008
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