1) A person who discriminates againist trees. 2) Some one who hates on trees because their trees.
Friend 1 " Man, all these trees look alike"
Friend 2 "your such a arborist"

Those lazy good for nothing trees taking up all my good CO2 that I worked hard to make, I was born an arborist and I will die an arborist. (when you burn a wooden cross at a tree lovers place it has a double meaning)
by DVS Lee July 27, 2013
A stereotype held by golfers when they lose their golf ball next to a tree but can't remember which one because "they all look alike"
Hey, Mike which tree did your ball land next to?

Dude I don't know, they all look alike.

Wow man, that's so arborist of you.
by Glazanis September 4, 2015