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A beautifully brilliant person with so much to offer the world. Always there when you need them to lower down your ego just enough to make you feel normal. A human with love that knows no boundaries or limits. Fantastically soft hair 24/7. Always smells like that one bath and body works perfume you thought was discontinued years ago. A little off but not enough to say things have totally gone a-rye.
-Damn shes such an Arai!
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by wellshitbitch February 14, 2018
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Humourous Tamil & Malayalam double entendre for:
1. 'one half', the fraction 1/2.
2. a Brahmin man or a Brahmin Penis.

Based on the 3-4 inch Indo-Aryan Brahmin Penis being the smallest male organ in South India, measuring less than the 3/4-sized or 'mukkal' 4.5-5.5 inch Nordic-Iranian Indian Muslim Penis or Pakistani Penis, which is in turn well below the full-sized or 'muzhu' 6-12 inch Negroid-Australoid Dravidian Penis.

This gradation has severe consequences for Brahmanism in S. India. Thus, it leads to the continuous outflow of Brahmin women via Intercaste Marriages. The attraction of the 'Pappathi' for the 'Thulukkan' is two-fold, for not only is the 'Thulukka-Lingam' larger than the 'Pappu-Lingam', but desensitizing Islamic circumcision greatly lengthens the duration of the act of 'Kama'. This Islamophile trend is high-lighted by the Kalpana Iyer-Amjad Khan affair & the example of Suhasini Swamy, d/o Janata Party Pres. Subramanian Swamy, who married a Muslim.

However, true Brahmini size queens naturally resort to Dravidas. This fatal attraction is amply depicted in Tamil Cinema, as in 'Saamy' (2003, Tamil hero Saamy weds a Brahmin girl Bhuvana), 'Sethu' (1999, Tamil hero Vikram has an affair with 'Pappathi' Abitha), & 'Mouna Guru' (2011).

Thus Brahmanas are forced to focus on mental pursuits, producing maths wizard like Srinivasa Ramanujan & nobel prize winners like C V Raman, S Chandrasekhar & V Ramakrishnan.
1) Vaidyanathan Iyer: I wish I was a Thulukkan, then I'd have a somewhat bigger Mukkal 3/4 instead of my puny Arai, & I could enjoy long-lasting sex with fine Pappathis!

2) When Swamy showed his Arai to the hot Pappathi actress, she laughed.

3) Iyengar: I need tweezers to masturbate my Arai!

4) Lakshmi Iyer: Sorry, my dear Pappan husband. But your Arai is not doing it for me tonight! Go and find me a Muzhu, or at least a Mukkal!

5) Raavan: How small is your Arai?
Pundit: 3 inches when hard!
Raavan: Haha!
Pundit: That's big for a Brahmin boy!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 31, 2012
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Quirky,Crazy,Weird, but shy. She only hangs out with a small group of friends.
Hi Arai.
by YoutubeIsCool January 16, 2018
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A person who does not care and is friends with a little hoe called maria. She fights somtimes but get through thing very quick. Even though her friend maria is a thot she is not.
my best friend arais really helps me out.
by who has 420 June 04, 2018
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