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A beautifully brilliant person with so much to offer the world. Always there when you need them to lower down your ego just enough to make you feel normal. A human with love that knows no boundaries or limits. Fantastically soft hair 24/7. Always smells like that one bath and body works perfume you thought was discontinued years ago. A little off but not enough to say things have totally gone a-rye.
-Damn shes such an Arai!
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by wellshitbitch February 14, 2018
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A person who does not care and is friends with a little hoe called maria. She fights somtimes but get through thing very quick. Even though her friend maria is a thot she is not.
my best friend arais really helps me out.
by who has 420 June 04, 2018
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Quirky,Crazy,Weird, but shy. She only hangs out with a small group of friends.
Hi Arai.
by YoutubeIsCool January 16, 2018
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