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Function: noun
Etymology: Latin

Aquapenis is a uniquely male experience where the penis becomes very slick while penetrating a woman (or man) during copulation in water. Natural feminine juices are overpowered by excessive amounts of water making the vagina feel like a wet paper sack. The internal lining of the female looses its viscosity turning the normally moist pink spongecake into a T-fal lined cavern of doom.

The obvious and unfortunate side effect is less stimulating experience for both the male and female.

Exposure to copious amounts of water will cause Aquapenis in most men in less than 10 minutes.

Not to be confused with shrinkage.

An excessively large penis can slow down the effects of Aquapenis, but no member is immune to its debilitating effects.

Mary: Hey Tom...Would you like to fuck me in this large body of water?
Tom: Gee Mary, that offer sounds groovy, but your promiscuous tendencies and that large body of water would result in the worst case of Aquapenis known to man.
Mary: Shucks...I guess I’ll go ask Jerome instead.
by OneLostChapter December 06, 2005
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