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Reverse bukkake. When several women stand over a man, and squirt onto his face. The man must keep the ejaculate on his face and be humiliated.
Did you see "See Her Squirt 281"? 5 girls gave a lucky bastard an april shower.
by tmas the lemur April 13, 2011
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An uncommon party trick that involves a male urinating between the legs of a urinating female while she is seated on the toilet - A true crowd-pleaser.
Remember the April Shower that Jack gave his girlfriend at that hotel last year?
by NardHipples March 03, 2019
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A male masturbation challenge where you can only masturbate in the shower during the month of April. This is a play off of April showers bring may flowers.
Hey bro you gonna participate in April showers?
No bro I hate jerkin in the shower!
by Jack Peterson May 15, 2018
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