a time to get sauced after a hard day of skiing or riding. Be sure to look for ski bunnies migrating towards the bar during this time of day. They're easy!
i'm done throwing switch rodeos, let's hit the bar for some apres ski.
by dbrizzle February 22, 2005
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When someone wants to sound posh or cool. Literally means after ski but cunts and dickheads will refer it to getting fucked up and eating.
Oh hello young squire. You coming out for a spot of Après ski to get the wife limbered up before we put the car keys in a bowl at our place?
by Samsonite27 March 13, 2018
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To achieve successful female orgasm, usually accompanied by loud moans or screams, through finger stimulation of the clitoris—often after a long day of skiing or snowboarding
Rex: "Bro what happened to you and Emily when we all hit the hot-tub after the slopes?"
Chad: "Dude, I gave her a great Après-Ski Jellybean Scream when I hit her clit with my famous finger diddle."
by Raw Dawg Ricky April 12, 2020
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