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When you are fucking a girl, pull-out, and you shove an apple in her vagina. Once the apple is in place, you continue to fuck her until the apple is all mashed up and you cum. The aftermath is the consistency of apple sauce.
Trevon: Damn Mocadeen I heard Jasmine last night was so kinky that you shoved a apple right up in her vag and fucked it given' her an apple creampie!

Mocadeen: That not even da whole story son. Then that whore Ebony when right up in there and ate her the fuck out! She said the apples and cream tasted just like applesauce.

Trevon: What a damn hoe son!

Mocadeen: I heard that. Next time I might be more careful where I be stickin ma shankpiece, nah mean dawg? Fuck son, I'm tired of them dayum shit kibbles!

Trevon: Yea I heard that son!
by afagrd October 10, 2009
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