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Anwyn is a girl with long, glowing, soft, chestnut hair. She has manners and knows how to impress anyone with her talents. She’s extremely beautiful and beats anyone in her school. Anwyn’s are leaders and will make it big one day. Never let go of an Anwyn. Her talent at sports, singing, and dancing could kill. When she looks at you her eyes are like the ocean. Her sense of humour is amazing when you get to know her. Anwyn’s are also very intelligent and know just the right thing to say.

Anwyn’s also make amazing girl friends, and love to give hugs when you’re down. Anwyn’s are also attracted to hockey players and boys playing sports. If you ever come across a girl named “Anwyn” become friends immediately.
Anwyn may be the most beautiful and funny girl I know - Ethan
I know an Anwyn and you’d never want to let her go - John
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Exotic looking girl, long hair, beautiful eyes, short. Has a big ego and can come off rude and intimidating but is generally caring. Great body, that gets put to good use, big booty hoe. Awful secret keeper, but good friend. Funny, likes to be center of attention. Can't do push ups or any physical activity except twerk to save her life.
by Ryeryejared April 11, 2014
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laid back.doesnt give a shit. has a wierd obsesion with hair and feet. germaphobe. doesn't change her clothes becus' she is too lazy. would make a HOT guy.would get a sex change to piss one off. is white. long blond hair.cant stop talking about things to do with metal music,and how "sexy" she is.addicted to: laiho milk:) some times can be anoying,but makes you lough when ever your around her.
she eventually MAKES you love her.
can pee in her eye.
plays bass.
she is so anwyn
by ama415hahahaha February 08, 2011
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Anwyn is a sort of person who gets attached to a film/show and will instantly have their favourite actor from the film/show as there home screen.
Person 1: Omg have you seen jenny's phone.
Person 2: No why is it bad.
Person 1: No, no, no it's just she's such an anwyn . She watched one episode of Game Of Thrones and now she is an anwyn
Person 2: Not another one.
by ya BOIII aye April 14, 2019
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