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Anvitha is a beautiful,crazy,artistic and sexy girl. You can totally totally trust her. She isn't afraid to say what she has to say and is a pure soul. And if you mess with any of her friends...... she will beat your fucking ass. Anvitha's also have anger problems and also she has a lot of can never win a fight with her.

This kind of an Indian name is given to a girl who is loud, restless, agitatingly Enthusiastic and charismatic on every dance floor and party and so might scare the weak hearted but nobody would let her leave either because she is the life of the party.

Anvitha's can also be very sensitive and can never stop there tears even when they are strong at heart . They hate people who play with emotions. They are the most funniest people to hang around and the best girlfriend any guy could find.Anvitha's are Human Individuals who lives with the universe surrounding her. Though to a strangers eye this may seem narcissitic and entitled it is in fact an extremely befitting phenomenan once after you get to know this human and discover its kindering soul and extremely generous, care giving and enthusiastic heart/attitude towards the world and towards the ones closest to her. Also, causing others to see the concept of how this individual may not be human at all and infact a more elevated spiritual specimen of sorts sent to bring together, make comfortable, groom and grow, truely connect and bring about joy in the lives of every average human she touches.
Boy:I love you
Anvitha:yeah..I love me too
by Adit shah June 07, 2019
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An Anvitha is about the greatest person out there except for Ethan Dolan, of course. She is easily the sexiest person out there, so if you do meet her, make sure you get her number! She is such a badass and can get any guy she wants. You know that one friend that has the most dirty mind and will flirt with anyone, that's an Anvitha.
"Dude, Anvitha is so thicc!'
"Bro, I know. I would totally smash."
"Damn, I want her to scream my name all night."
by dadddyyyyyyohhhdadddyy December 22, 2017
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crazy, curly haired girls with artistic talent but unfortunately, has no singing talent whatsoever. anvithas usually have a mile long legs and are known to be friendly.
omg look at her, shes soo anvitha!
by squeakyyD October 16, 2013
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