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An Anvitha is about the greatest person out there except for Ethan Dolan, of course. She is easily the sexiest person out there, so if you do meet her, make sure you get her number! She is such a badass and can get any guy she wants. You know that one friend that has the most dirty mind and will flirt with anyone, that's an Anvitha.
"Dude, Anvitha is so thicc!'
"Bro, I know. I would totally smash."
"Damn, I want her to scream my name all night."
by dadddyyyyyyohhhdadddyy December 22, 2017
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crazy, curly haired girls with artistic talent but unfortunately, has no singing talent whatsoever. anvithas usually have a mile long legs and are known to be friendly.
omg look at her, shes soo anvitha!
by squeakyyD October 16, 2013
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