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Curly haired girls are crazy and wild (just like their hair). They live on on the edge and aren't afraid to take chances. They are much more fun than their straight-haired counterparts. Don't put up your hair or straighten it. Let is run free and full of life!
Those curly haired girls definitely seem like fun.
by KLE February 24, 2005
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Curly Haired girls are definitely underrated. Guys tend to prefer straight haired girls, but little do they know they are missing out!! Curly haired girls stay loyal, and sometimes the straight haired ladies can be some sneaky bitches... They try to curl their hair tho, but they know in reality they aren’t as popping as the natural curly heads! If you have curly hair then yes I know it’s hard to manage, but own your curls cause they make you unique and beautiful!
Straight haired girls:

Omg you should totally straighten your hair!

Curly haired girls:

Why would I? I already have these luscious curls!
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by Sunshine5675 May 14, 2018
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