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A quiet Indian boy who unassumingly roasts people during his free time and intimidates others to not hurt themselves. At first, he seems reserved, but suddenly proceeds to say the most ridiculous, idiotic words that have ever come out of someone's mouth. Many people who encounter such a person will now have the invoked feeling of regret and complete confusion, as this cringy Indian boy straight up flamed them.
"Hey what's up bro?"
- Anudeep: "The Sky"
"Wtf, that's such an 'Anudeep' thing to say..."

- Anudeep: "Good, I hope you cut your hand on the lathe."
by BrownSugarBoss May 11, 2017
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Anudeep A.K.A Anusdeep is known for his idiotic words and actions but most importantly, his essence that comes from his smell. Opening his closet will lead to nuclear level destruction and will cause you to go blind from the stench. Anusdeep enjoys breaking up with his girlfriends multiple times and getting back together with them. He also claims he has an 8 inch penis.
"What's up?"
Anudeep - "I have an 8 inch penis"
by Choruto May 30, 2018
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