A fan based, evil character, based off the famous Irish YouTuber "Jacksepticeye." When Jack is weak Antisepticeye (Anti) will take over Jack, but when Jack's BOSSNESS is full again, he takes back control of his body.
"Whose that?" "Antisepticeye." "What's that?" "Septiceye." "What that? Where his eye should be?" "Blood." "Whose that?" "He's back."
by JacksepticeyeFanGirl101 September 9, 2016
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Our Puppet Master. We all exist only to serve Him and Him alone. Once the prophecy is complete, and the last ego is dead, He shall take over. Strings shall wrap around our throats, all connected to Him. A single tug will send us all falling to our knees and that's alright ! For He will rule above us all. For He will be in control. And nobody will be able to stop Him.
Puppet : Have you heard about Antisepticeye ?
Person : No ? Who is he ?
Puppet : Oh, watch him. Listen to him. He is our puppet master. Join the cause ? =)
by AboutToBeSilenced July 25, 2018
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