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A game played with similar rules to "shotgun". The notable exception is that he who calls anti-shotgun is exempt from sitting in the front seat with the taxi driver with especially pungent body odor. This game can only be played when 3 people are choosing positions for a 4 seat taxi.
Tim and Chris called anti-shotgun forcing me to hold my breath for the entire 30 minute cab ride back to the hotel.
by DrGordonFreeman October 14, 2010
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When you're about to get in to a taxi with 2 or more other people, and you suspect the driver is stinky and you don't want to sit next to him, you call "anti-shotgun" to ensure a seat in the back.
The driver looks like he stinks... I call anti-shotgun.
by choccy74 October 14, 2010
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