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We all know the normal laws of physics apply to everyone and everything in the universe, but every action has an equal and opposite reaction so it is logical to conclude that physics has an opposite reaction aswell.

Thats where the laws of Anti-physics come into play, Say you have an apple falling from a tree, well according to the laws of anti-physics, somewere in the world there is an apple falling up and re-attaching itself to a tree... maybe not on this dimentional plane but its still happening.

The same kind of laws apply to the size of an object (see example one) the size of the object is so unbeliveably huge that it cant be contained in a normal dimentional state so the laws of anti-physics allow this object to be contained in such a small area but still keep its natural large state (see TARDIS).

Another state of anti-physics is the most simplests so far, this effects your mental state in a crisis (see example two) causing the idiot of the group to reduce in intelligence to the point were it cant reduce any further and has no choice but to increase expenentially coming up with an ingenius plan to solve the crisis.

Anti-physics can be applied to anything with an opposite.
1: Its so big its small

2: Your so stupid your smart

by Triple J May 07, 2005
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