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Being against the arguing of meanings or definitions of words.
"Look, I just don't care if the Holocaust refers specifically to the murder of the Ashkenazi Jews or if it can be used more broadly to the Nazi's persecution of other minorities!"

"Wow, stop being so anti-semantic! This is important."
by therichardstill September 04, 2009
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Someone or something that is against meaning. To not be logical. Lacking the ability to make something meaningful.
"Dave, you're being antisemantic."
"That's unfounded, some of my best friends are meaningful."
by Brooks Burdick October 18, 2004
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A person who is against words, meaning and usage.
Blah: I hate those dumb English with there special words, and...
Bloo: O quit being such an Antisemantics.
by Killsyou15 June 10, 2010
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1. Lacking the ability to enact or engage in meaning.
2. Lacking meaning.
3. Opposed to meaning.
The formalist program of 20th-century cognitive science and linguistics was not capable of adequately characterizing meaning. In fact, it was overtly antisemantic.
by jbrkrm November 21, 2010
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