A person, who usually is an angsty, depressed goth/punk, who think s/he's cool because s/he wear shirts that say "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same" and other assorted wear from Hot Topic or Torrid even though that makes them a hypocrite as those shops are just as brand-name as Abercrombie, GAP, or Old Navy. The people behind Hot Topic and Torrid are exactly like the people behind GAP and Old Navy: they laugh all the way to the bank as you unthinking, impressionable teens buy their over-priced clothing, and you become a walking billboard for Corporate America when you don their shoddy clothes, just like the "prep" clique you hate so much.
I think I'm sooo unique because I'm wearing a shirt from a company that tells me who I am. I am a sell-out.
by Eric Melech September 14, 2004
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People who hate and arent like the prep crowed, yes they have a crowed but at least their crowed isnt snobby, b!tchy, rude, suckup, brown nosing withces who make everyone else feel bad.

preps suck big hairy balls!!!!!!!!!!
anti prep: not a follower of the preps
by mentalpunk911 August 17, 2003
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a hypocrit by all means. one who accuses "preps" of being clones and shopping at stores like abercrombie and fitch when, in reality, they themselves are clones, all shopping at the salvation army and hot topic..all wearing the same "nice people suck" and
random death certificate t-shirts. They swear upon originality and they swear upon individuality and uniqueness when they are so lacking in all these areas. these hypocrites judge others when they ask to not be judged themselves.
Origination of the anti-prep: usually start to evolve into the anti prep in grade school when it becomes apparant that they are lacking in any kind of skill, motivation, good looks etc...
The anti-preps usually cannot find friends with the more athletic, good looking, intelligent, skillful people so out of jealousy they recruit others of the same unfortunate fate.
synonyms: freaks,wannabe marilyn manson, hicks,wiggers,geeks,not cools,scrubs

Because Darien was still dressed by his mother and because Darien did not excell at anything, he declared himself anti-prep. Too bad Darien couldnt fit in with anyone else. aww poor darien. now instead of wearing gap clothing he'll wear all his clothes from an unorigional black t-shirt clothing store.
by famously kondrk July 08, 2003
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A person who lives his/her life the way she wants to live it and is not suppressed by popularity and what others think he/she should wear/be like

by Obsin June 23, 2003
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In my opinion the true defintion of Anti-Prep is a person who is a firm believer in individuality an dbelives that "preps" take a trend to a new level. Anti-Preps are people who wear whatever kind of clothing that appeals to them. They could wear anything from ambercrombie to a hot topic shirt with some type of unkown logo on it. If your are a true anti-prep, you are a person who is against making descision, weather it's clothing,school activities,friends or social gatherings, anti-preps believe in deciding those things based on their own thoughts and opinions. Anti-Preps are open to many new things other than preps. Anti-preps are called ANTI<<< prep for a reason. Anti-preps are agaisnt preps in general. You can generalize preps because that's what they are... Preps.. the majority of them are alike and follow the same day to day and every changing trend of public highschools and teen life in general..
I am an Example of an Anti-Prep. I will wear anything from Old Navy, Gap, Abercrombie, To jerseys, hot topic shirts anything that appeals to ME and what I<<< I like ... I Have friends of all types of clicks and I have several close friends who share commin intrests but I do not descriminate against other people and exclude them because they are not in my " group of friends" ... I enclude anyone who wants to be incuded. This doesn't always work because some poeple just do not get along but that doesn't mean you can't be friends with more than one type of person. My idea of making the world a better place is in a key word >Acceptence< Accept what you are not OK with and we would all have a much ahppier adn safer enviroment.
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good god...ok heres my story: i wear black and dress the way i want and i listen to whatever music i want but i am not an anti-prep.i dont really like to make fun of other people and i have friends in both the popular crowd and the goth/punk crowd. I personally think this whole 'war" is completely pointless.unfortunately, most of the people here just cant get through the day without making fun of other people. so the final question i ask is: WHY CANT WE ALL GET ALONG???
by person who knows his shit October 13, 2003
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one of the names given to those who are the heroes of this age. They are devoid of cowardice, hypocrisy, and treachery unlike the idiotic preps they oppose. They openly and publically speak out againts society's corrupt shining stars or "golden children" and expose them for what they truly are. VERMIN. SLUTS. PREPS ARE USELESS WASTES OF SPACE. They all share the same fucking brain cell and think it's fun to put down anyone that dosen't. It is honorable to oppose this disease of mankind, so that they may suffer and know the meaning of humility.

Anti-prep 1: a lot of these preps are stupid and end up killing themselves or getting themselves killed, though most people are stupid and seem to think it is the goths that do this, but just to be safe, we need to bring the hammer down on those that remain, because they are all huge whores and they fuck like rabbits.

Anti-Prep 2: HAHA yeah. You blink and there's like 100 more of them every time the preps have a "party."
by Pyriel April 03, 2008
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