Nazis that hate on Furries and Furry supporters for no reason over False Internet and Social Media Stereotypes that point the Fandom in a bad light and they're just Stubborn Uneducated Peasant Kids or Adults that didn't hit Puberty in their lifetime to be Mature. They just hate on Society as they live a Miserable life and God should Condemn them to Hell for Discrimination, Criticism, and Prejudicism against people and hating on their Hobbies for no reason. And they are just sad cuz they cant milk or have sex with anyone and are Homophobic weirdos who do Drugs n crap like Gang Thugs do in Da Hood.
Furry: Checkout my Fursona guys its so cool!
Average Anti Fur: Ew a Furry they're gross and are degenerates.
Furry: Atleast I don't act like a Furry Nazi and hate on them for no reason Uneducated kid get lost Hood Boy and go play your Edgy Roblox Lego game. Atleast my Generation isn't dumb like you Gen Alphas are since y'all don't pay attention in school and are just a waste to society and will just die by an Asteroid in the future and a black hole :3
by AntiFursAreBad July 24, 2023
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Some genius who thinks it's ok to bully and reject a fandom for fucking costumes.
"Oh you're an Anti-Fur? Sorry, I can't be seen with a 9-year-old hater."
by Free Children Destroyer February 11, 2023
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Woah? You're a Anti-Fur? I've heard you have a IQ over 300.
by skao December 14, 2019
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Starts March 1st to april 1st where all the furries around the world have no rights to talk back to people harrasing them.
"oi bill we gotta send these furries to brazil with our power five fortnite legends Mp7 riot shield" said nick
"oh boy its anti-fur month!" bill said with hope
by Redlinq February 8, 2021
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Anti-Fur-Day is the opposite of Fur-Day. Instead of charishing Furry culture, we stomp it out and take all actions to prevent Furry activity.
"Man, I love Anti-Fur-Day."
by Anonymoose was Taken December 20, 2020
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The opposite of Fur-Day, instead of doing activites or roleplay with your furry friend, you must sacrifice them to Him. You can use various weapons to "sacrifice" them, such as a chainsaw (traditional way), or a double barrel shotgun. If you do not meet the required weapons, you can always use a knife and or different weapons.

This occurs on the 21st of December.
Johnny: hey Tommy, you heard it's Anti Fur-Day?
Tommy: Sorry, what'd, you say? I was busy sacrifcing furries.
by goldsomeone December 16, 2020
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December 22nd, where non-furries can take revenge on what furries did to them december 20th.
Jake: Yo dude! It's Anti Fur Day!
Carl: Sweet! Time to take revenge for this god awful fursona.
by Carlito Anit Furry December 21, 2020
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