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Someone who is obsessed with little details; a perfectionist.
Myra Ellen is such an antfucker; she made us re-record the track until she thought it sounded perfect.
by starfucker08 September 17, 2008
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A literal translation of the Dutch informal noun “mierenneuker”. The term is used to call out people on petty, infuriatingly specific or nitpicky behavior. Antfucker usually refers to people who screw people over by focusing on tiny mistakes others make, or being overly critical of small things they dislike.

The term is also used as a verb: “mierenneuken”, or “to fuck ants
“I know I’m fucking ants at this point, but i hate how the lace on the dress is just a tiny bit too low and the sleeves are a little bit too wide.”

“Jesus christ, what antfucker gave me a failing grade because I didn’t write the date on my test paper?”

“They turned down my manuscript, not because they thought I was a hack writer, but because they didn’t want to publish a book with a male main character. What kind of antfuckery is that?”
by Cool-Guy-Senpai November 28, 2017
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