An somewhat common middle-eastern Name people who are named this have a sensitive but also tough personality they can develop strong feelings very quickly and can get hurt very easily because of it but are quick to bounce back better they are sweet and kind and have a soft spot for there in people there also very beautiful and persuasive they are at times rebellious but careful with the tracks they leave behind you can trust them and depend on them and know they will never let you down
Ansa? Oh she’s a wonderful person
by LalalLalalLlalalalalal April 7, 2020
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The girl all the boys want and all the girls want to be. Not to mention dead sexy and sooo damn hot.
Who is that girl next to ayub?
'Omg its ansa'
by Sumera345 December 25, 2015
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Slang for answer - a reply or response to a question, request, etc.
Someones at the door but I don't think I'm gonna ansa.
Hey dawg, let's ansa some of these calls.
Ansa the question!
by web3pro June 25, 2009
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the way someone from Jamaica pronounces answer
guy from Jamaica: what is de ansa
guy from USA: ????
by Lio messi legend April 2, 2021
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(in anatomy) a loop; for example, the ansa hypoglossi is the loop formed by the descending branch of the hypoglossal nerve
Redtape: When you get tired jumping through one ansa and then another.
by tree pat October 25, 2010
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a way to say 'answer me' but with typical american bad english
carlos: did you take my gurl from me?
john: ....
carlos: ANSA MEI!!!!!!
by 3.141.5967 April 27, 2017
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