Perfectly beautiful, skinny girls who starve themselves because the media is constantly telling us we can't love ourselves the way we are.
if you are annorexic, PLEASE go to McDonalds and eat some thing
by therealLilac December 22, 2010
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People (Mainly Girls) who pretend that they are never hungry to make themselves skinnier. In other people's eyes they are perfect but to them, all they see is fat. I would know i am one...
Richard: Wanna go to Mcdonalds?
Me: Nah. I'm not hungry

Richard: You're never hungry
Me: Because i'm annorexic..
by Aesthetic Annorexia November 29, 2016
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A politcally correct term for the words "Fat", "Heavy", "Obese", etc.
My boss is nice, but he is so annorexically challenged!"
by Flash Gordon April 14, 2004
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