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Annikah is a beautiful, strong, funny girl. She will like a lot guys and seem like a player but when she finds the right person she is the most loyal person. She has the best sense of humour. If you meet an Annikah, keep her in your life!
β€œOh she seems sweet, she could be and Annikah”
by TaylorDollaway March 31, 2020
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A name which means graceful and grace. Commonly spelled Annika. Can be pronounced different ways: (On-na-kuh) (An-na-kuh)....etc.
Carol: Does Annikah play (sports)?
Erin: I don’t know? She should do (gymnastics). She is very (graceful).
by Monnikah January 09, 2018
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Normally overweight, eats all her problems away with the most unheathliest foods, has no friends, smells, unfit, scary, tries to make friends, has no life, buys friends with food, ugly asf, and also is naaasty!!
She doesn't play sports, that's definitely an Annikah :O
by Riiiiiina August 19, 2014
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