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A very bubbly, outgoing person who is generally the life of the party and tends to get very messy, but also loves time by herself. She is generally very committed to one person, even though that person may not feel the same way and treat her like crap. People tend to misjudge her, but she always seems to be able to prove people wrong. As hurt as she may be, she will always have a smile on her face, and always be there when required. Normally absolutely gorgeous, but is very self concious and needs a lot of reassurance from the people she cares about.
I wish I had a friend like Annalice, I know she'd always be there for me!
by Marcus257 October 01, 2012
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bubbly unique personality and everyone that knows one wants one in their crowd. overly creative and easily entertained. WARNING: DON'T UPSET OR FIST IN FACE PROCEDURE WILL COMMENCE.
GUY: but she's so quiet i've got to put her down for quietest person.
GIRL: sure. Annalice usually is quiet but don't piss her off. sh'ell go off on you before you blink!
GUY: oh really now?
by -M- :) December 15, 2010
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unusual name being spelled several different ways. usually a german name spelled as Annalisa.
mftr,l8fuk vg Annalice
by Annalice December 15, 2010
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