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A strong and beautiful girl that can melt your heart but beat your ass. She had long beautiful hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. She is everything a guy/girl has wanted. You'd be lucky to even know her.
by Rj__ August 06, 2017
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Anna May is a beautiful girl. She will go through hell and still come out on top. Although she doesn’t like to participate in school she has a great bundle of friends and is very popular with all boys and girls. She likes to judge people as can be quite intimidating to others but once you get to know her you’ll never want to forget her
Oh look here comes Anna may
by Writergirl890 July 22, 2018
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to try or do simple task; Unwilling to try or do new things
1. I Annamayed it at yoga. I didn't try at all.

2. Don't Annamay the food. You should try it.
by Ladylou February 03, 2010
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