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It is a very large family, full of fun and interesting people. As soon as you become an Ankathi, you will be swept up in their party behavior, fun antics, and michevious games. They love the day but also enjoy the night. They can be found in cities, in the country, or wherever. They are adaptable and extremely friendly.

You'll know if you've run into an Ankathi because you'll notice that they are brighter than normal people, even in the drabbest of situations. They'll normally seem perfect, except for one flaw. Weither that flaw be that they have too high a voice, weird hair, crooked teeth, ect., it'll be quite noticeable, but you'll want to think it perfect, due to their nature.

The Ankathi are not a vicious kind. They pose no threat or danger unless you attack one of their own. Even at that, their leader, or the head of the family, will decide what will happen. You're normally safe, for the head of the family is usually chosen by the former head when they retire, and they only choose someone that everyone agrees on. You can tell the head of the family from the rest because he or she will have no flaws whatsoever and will usually be held with high respet.
That girl over there with the pretty eyes and long, black hair is the head of the Ankathi Family.
by Kiki Storm January 29, 2011
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