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Anijah is a kind caring person don’t take her for granted because once she’s gone she’ll never come back. She gives second chances and maybe even thirds and fourths but she won’t forgive you forever. She doesn’t know how to stay mad at people because some how memories shoot back but she can go without you. Because at one point she didn’t even know you it can go back to that. Anijah is funny and her favorite movies are love and basketball and ATL. Fav songs too good at goodbyes, gummo, perfect, miss it and many more. She is creative and sometimes petty so don’t stab her in the back because even if you think she doesn’t know stuff she does and she’s waiting for the right screw up to use it against you because she has her ways. She is such a fun person to be around. She’ll forever fight for people she loves.
Danggg anijah you bhaddddd
by Ajiyah February 28, 2018
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Anijah is someone who is very cool, smart, pretty, and mean. People think she's a player or "have hoes" which may be true but is willing to cut them all for the right person. Don't take Anijah's kindness for weakness cause that's something you'll never remember her as.
Damnn Anijah don't play
by Facts speaker August 23, 2017
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Anijah is a super smart but mean girl who usually goes by Nijah she is super cool funny pretty has a bestfriend she is lightskin all the boys want her but she chooses school only Anijah is usually bored but litt her favorite movie is love and basketball Anijah doesn't have a curfew or bedtime Anijah is single for right now but she gon get there anijah used to be lame until she met this girl but anyways im bored right now this is her crush writing this for her so yeah have a nice life bitchessssssssssssss
damn u see Anijah over there she fine asl
by lil bitty boo July 21, 2016
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