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A Polish girl who is very smart and stunning. Is always correct and is very caring, but also likes to have control over things. Is a very creative and artistic girl. Gets annoyed when people spell her name Aneilka.

Did you see Anielka in the hallway? I dont know what was more beautiiful, her, or her art project!
by ThatGirl12345 February 25, 2013
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A super hot sexy gorgeous European girl. Is incredibly nice to everyone she likes, but if she doesn't like you, WATCH OUT!!!!! Shy at first, but once you get to know her she's a riot!! Is committed to all relationships, and is a loyal friend. She is very organized and very smart.
WOW!!!!!!!! did you see that hot girl? She MUST be an Anielka!
by CRAZYFROGGY March 13, 2013
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Typically, an Anielka is a boy-crazy, hyper-active, PSYCHO Nicaraguan. This is okay though, because everyone love an Anielka. She talks a lot - really loud - and can sing even louder... in the shower.... to musicals.
There's an Anielka in my dorm room!!
by JmothafreakinME October 22, 2012
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