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She is a kind loving person and makes a wonderful best friend(girlfriend) and she is one fine girl! She is also smart,brave, and VERY strong. Don't make her mad though she will go off but she will still lobe you no matter what!
Aniah is such a great person!!
by Anilah Johnson December 03, 2016
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A girl who is super sweet but can also be mean and bossy. she is very beautiful and caring and makes a good friend/girlfriend. she is a good leader and loves doing sports.
Is that BeyoncΓ©? No bitch that's Aniah
by B I T C H May 19, 2018
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She is the definition of fun. She loves everyone and is loved by all. When she walks in she makes people smile and is a blast to be with. She always know how to lift people's spirits! She wears her heart on her sleeve. Someone who falls in love hard and holds on no matter what. Holds on to friendships that she knows will last. If you know an Aniah hold on to her because she'll make your like one fun ride.
Boy: who is that? Jennifer?
Girl: no boy that's Aniah!
by Realmeaningofnames December 24, 2016
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a bamf no lie she is the definition of real she tells it like it is and dhe has no problem getting in your face if she has a problem with you she is a great girl who will one day make a great wife once u've met an aniah dont let her go
isnt that jennifer?. no stupidass its aniah!
by samuel johnsonmnmn December 16, 2010
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Aniah is usualy a lover ,she loves long relationships,but gets bored with anything else that seems to go on forever. she is a calm,passionate person, she is very friendly and tries to be at peace with the world but dont fuck with her bc she will knock a bitch out try her and find out aniahs are usualy one of a kind when you meet one dont let her go it will be hard to replace her just know aniah is one bamf
Nigga its aniah u dumbass, Damn she got that booty
by samueljonhmann December 16, 2010
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Aniah is a very pretty thick girl she can be very bipolar sometimes and she will beat a bitch ass quick if you get on her bad side so make sure u done get on her bad side other than that she can be nice to some people but shes not a very friendly person you have to work your way up to that she is a intelligent,smart,loveable,and trustable if your with and Aniah keep her she a real one anybody would be lucky to have her .
Ayee!!! Its Aniah With The Big Booty 😍
by Shalonneeeeeee July 19, 2018
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Nice, sweet (if she wants to be) kindhearted beautiful

You might think Aniah is irrelevant but somehow she always has the answers some non intentional funny, smart
Aniah always looks out for me and that's what I like about her
by RAINIISMYBIH May 31, 2018
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