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A man typically divorced between the ages of 25 and 40 who is addicted to fishing. Majoriy of the following must have occured during an Angry Angler's life:

-Abadons wife to fish. Typically, he will do many chores around the house in an effort to be granted permission to fish.

-Monitors the weather constantly, to include phases of the moon, wind speed and direction, and water temperatures. All other weather data is for dumb losers.

-Must have horrible credit, a piece of shit car, and no clothing less than 10 years old. However, you possess over 30 fishing rods and a tackle box too large for a one man carry.

-Must have spent at least 6 hours fishing during a wedding anniversary or a wife's birthday on more than 3 occasions.

-When in a social setting, you always show pictures of fish recently caught. You continue to rant to an uninterested bystander for up to 45 minutes on favorite fishing spots and lures of choice.

-You have taken your entire family to Bass Pro Shops and capped off the day with dinner in the store.
I can't live with that Angry Angler anymore. He's destroying my life. He comes home smelling of fish and he just lost his third job this month.
by Angry Angler July 07, 2008
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