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While having sex, the male realizes that his female partner's vagina smells so bad that he doesn't know if he can finish so he wraps his head and face with a towel smothered in Icy hot to mask the scent. As he continues, the icy hot begins to burn and the male yells out a series of loud screams before ejaculating.
My old lady's pussy smelled so bad last night that the only way I could finish was to do the Angry Terrorist!
by Ghost and the Darkness December 31, 2010
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An Angry Terrorist is when you and a buddy feel like doing something for a joke or revenge. What you do is find a girl you really like, and follow her home. Wait for her to fall asleep, and begin to Masturbate in front of her house (your buddy has a camera) then as your about to Cum, to Bust through her Door and run as fast as you can to her room Screaming "Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah" and jump on her bed and bust your Jizz all over her Face. then at that moment your buddy takes a picture of it and posts it up on Google.
Ex 1. Dude, that bitch fucking Spam Dedede on Brawl, im going to give her a Angry Terrorist.

Ex 2. I totally gave her an Angry Terrorist for not fucking me last night.
by Big Dick Dex September 27, 2009
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