To pull out female partners pubic and/or anul hair with teeth.
I gave Linda an angry badger last nite and im still pulling hair out of my teeth two days later.

Barbera was considered to fat to find an angry badger pleasurable
by mazdainator September 09, 2007
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This is when a young man who has a premature grey streak in his hair has a mardy and thus looks like an Angry Badger.
I would leave Dunc's right alone this morning he's made a rick and is having a right Angry Badger and feels a cont

Dunc's ended up having an Angry Badger last night as he tried to have it up the Wichenford but ended up bumping into a wonky eyed midget
by PB16 March 06, 2008
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A diseased, hairy, red cock dripping who the fuck knows what.
Mark wont chickenhead Andy anymore after he saw that Andy had an angry badger.
by Troy Lane October 26, 2006
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