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A phrase referring to a person who has one of their eyes permanently half shut, Paris Hilton for example is a typical example of being Boz Eyed
Hey, there goes Fainey the Boz Eyed cont, he's got his Friday Shirt on the Wonky Eyed Midget

Mondo tried to take Fainey up the Wichenford, good job he's Boz Eyed other wise he'd be a right Angry Badger
by PB16 November 04, 2009
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This is when a young man who has a premature grey streak in his hair has a mardy and thus looks like an Angry Badger.
I would leave Dunc's right alone this morning he's made a rick and is having a right Angry Badger and feels a cont

Dunc's ended up having an Angry Badger last night as he tried to have it up the Wichenford but ended up bumping into a wonky eyed midget
by PB16 March 06, 2008
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