One of the best songs by Jxdn also know as Jaden Hossler
Hey did you hear jadens new song? Oh yea angels and demons, who knew such a cute tiktok boy could be extremely talented
by Jxdnhossler September 13, 2020
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Song by Jaden Hossler a.k.a Jxdn.
The best rock song of the century.
Stream Angels and Demons for clear skin!
Bro, isn't Angels and Demons the best song ever?
by nonametiktok May 30, 2020
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When a girl is giving you a BJ, then right as you are about to cum she sticks her fingers in your butt and pulls out quickly causing you to shit on one shoulder and cum on the other.
"I went all Angels and Demons on that beezy"
by Hawkeyeharry April 16, 2009
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Friend who is on the longest snap streak with me! V cool eyeliner (teach me), and says they aren't hot when they actually are angry.
.angelic._.demon is hot hehe
by Sonianevermindsupremacy June 13, 2021
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