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A girl who is unique and one of a kind. An Angelea is always a beautiful girl. An Angelea will always stand out in a crowd. The girl has her own style and she does it so well. Angelea is the best friend you could ever have. Angelea's are the greatest girls in the world, if you come across one keep her for forever. Angelea's are the kind of girls you would introduce to the family and stay with for a long time. Angelea's are always worth it, no matter what. An Angelea is simply put the most amazing girl on the planet, beautiful inside and out.
Guy 1: You see that girl right there?

Guy 2: You mean that Beautiful girl right there! I here she is Amazing.

Guy 1: well yeah that's because she is an Angelea and that automatically makes her the greatest.

Guy 2: I wish I had an Angelea.
by That Guy 92 LWL November 29, 2011
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Down to earth, caring person. Try's to stay out of everybody's way but is a very compassionate person. Loves the company of mostly guys instead of girls due to all the drama that girls have. Can be totally kick-ass when it comes to video games. Will shock you with the amount of knowledge she has about military, star wars, sci-fi and cop shows. Not a nerd (it's more secretive) And loves to have a good time. Tends to be more of the outdoors type. Loves the beach. Artistic. Loves barefoot. Long brown hair. Goes after whatever she wants. Headstrong yet can get down on herself a lot but not in front of others. Not a girl who cries in front of others and tries to smile 24/7.
Oh I wish I could date a girl as great as her.
Angelea's are sexy and know how do flirt without even trying.
Angelea's or Angie tends to be natural gorgeous and yet doesn't realize it.
by A great guy deserves you. December 23, 2011
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